Sara Brajovic
Composer Pianist

Sara Brajovic
Composer Pianist

Project Description


Pianist,Musician, Composer Model, Actress, blogger and trend-setter,
Sara Brajovic grew up between Switzerland and Paris where she studied
both at the École Normale de Musique de Paris and acting classes at the
” Cours Florent “.

Her interest in history led her to move to London where she read History
at the King’s College before joining the Impressionist department at

The modelling career took her to, London Paris, and New York her
favorite location for observing fashion and travelling trends which she
then writes about in her blog filled with tips and recommendations
“something she has always done for her friends who used to turn to her
for advice on what to wear and where to go”. She study acting with Lee
She is living in Europe between Roma, London and Serbia

She prepares her new classic music album with Piano and electronic,
(out in March 2018) taking part in a TV show in Serbia,  and can be seen
in the Chaumet ‘s book , @ Editions Assouline, and in the book : “Les
Francaises” by Sonia Sieff, @ EditionsRizzoli and also in the book
” Francaise ” from Keffer talking about the Parisian night and musicians.